Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Dallas, TX, Champion Fire & Security’s expertise runs broad and deep. Our senior management team has 20+ years in this industry, and our field team? Decades. Our combined experience ensures you can trust our suggestions will be sound, our plans will be accurate, and our mutually agreed upon project milestones will be met. Learn more below.

All You Need

Your safety system’s performance depends on a number of components that need to work together for your total protection. Our expertise, product and service offerings extend across the entire range of life safety systems – sprinklers, fire alarms, security systems, and more. Our end-to-end life safety solutions allow you to minimize the effort and headaches that come with managing multiple contractors. Our clients benefit from having us manage everything from design to installation, maintenance and repair, and upgrades as needed.

The Toughest Jobs

From complex church steeples to an artistic mosaic ceiling at the Dallas Convention center, Champion has plenty of experience in planning for and completing the hardest jobs. Our design team employs the very latest, cutting edge design technology and our field team is the best in the business.

Working Together

From consultation to completion, we’re working together. We take the time to understand your needs, requirements, and budget and then use our 25+ years of life safety systems experience to put forth a plan that will work for you. Through the entire process, we stay focused on delivering a final product to meet the utmost quality standards with an eye towards sustainable operation and continued monitoring and management of your future needs.

Licenses, Certifications, & Memberships

Sprinkler RME-I, RME-G

Extinguisher – FEL-A, FEL-K, FEL-B

Fire Alarm- APS, FAL

Fire  –  ACR-1739443

Security – B01060501

HUB –  1453932698400

MBE – DL03199

SBE – DL03199