When it comes to your life-safety systems for your special hazards environment, you can’t afford anything but the best.

Champion offers a complete service solution for:

  • Special Hazards InspectionFM-200 Systems
  • CO2 Suppression
  • Other “Clean Agent” Special Hazard systems
  • Traditional Wet, Dry, Deluge and Anti-Freeze Systems

With Champion you get a single, responsive company with experienced and professional staff for all your life safety design, installation, modification, inspection, repair and monitoring needs.

Key Reasons Companies Choose Champion

  • Extensive experience in special hazards / clean agent inspection & testing
  • $10M liability insurance coverage for these environments
  • Broad licensing and staffing depth
  • Total solutions provider for ALL your LIFE SAFETY SYSTEMS
  • Electronic deadline tracking & alerts, scheduling, billing & reporting
  • DFW-area emergency spare parts depot
  • Unique “find & fix” approach to deficiencies
  • 24-hour “always there for you” service
  • Industry’s ONLY “inspection bill of rights”

What Our Customers Say:

“Champion’s approach was methodical and professional. We truly valued their service.”

“Champion always works to find the most cost-effect approach – saved us thousands of dollars”.

Champion’s uniformed professionals and branded vehicles let us know we’re dealing with a solid organization.”


“Champion provides us a friendly and outstanding service for a fair price.”

Champion’s technical experts handle all the complexity of our environment.”

Champion’s 24×7 Emergency Response has made a HUGE difference for us.”

Champion Total Protection: Complete Life Safety Systems Solutions

  • Telecommunications Facilities
  • Records & Archives
  • Switch Gear Rooms
  • Other Specialties
  • Data Centers
  • Flammable Liquid
  • Combustion Turbines
  • Specialty Manufacturing


Champion Inspection Customer Bill of Rights

We publish our inspection policy so our Customers know what to expect with a Champion inspection.

  • Our mission is to help our Customers protect their people, assets, and facilities through quality life safety system services. This mission supersedes all other objectives.
  • Our objective is to assist our Customers to achieve a safe and secure environment.
  • We consider it our responsibility to educate our Customers to the importance of their life safety systems, and their proper maintenance and operation.
  • We adhere to the National Fire Protection Association standard that a Customer’s life safety systems should provide a “reasonable degree of protection from loss of life and property”. We will inspect to a reasonable and professional interpretation of the code adopted by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.
  • We do not overlook deficiencies that may reasonably place our Customers’ people, assets or facilities at risk, nor do we extend the intent of the code in search of deficiencies.
  • We will make reasonable efforts to “find and fix” readily addressable deficiencies uncovered during the inspection.
  • Should deficiencies be uncovered, we will help our Customer understand their implications through an honest and realistic assessment of the potential risks and outcomes.
  • We will clearly distinguish between “required” actions as dictated by code conformance and “recommended” actions that the Customer should take.
  • Should an inspection finding require notification of the Authority Having Jurisdiction as required by law, we will advise the customer in advance of that communication.
  • While we recognize our Customers may not be pleased to learn of system deficiencies, we will always make every effort to provide an objective, informative and professional assessment and Customer experience.