AXIS M1125-E IP Security Camera

Security Systems

The ability of technology to protect facilities from various risks is growing rapidly and benefiting Champion Fire & Security clients. From comprehensive intrusion protection systems to CCTV and Access Control, the entire spectrum of Electronic devices are critical to the safe and secure operation of any facility.

Security / Intrusion Systems

Champion Fire & Security designs systems to protect facilities from both internal and external risks involving theft, vandalism, burglary, access, and robbery.

A properly designed Intrusion Detection System can afford your business peace of mind—ensuring only authorized access to your facility. The various components of an intrusion system—keypads, motion detectors, door sensors, glass-breaks, sirens, and control panels—are only as effective as the professional who designs their layout and functions within your facility.

CCTV Systems — From fixed cameras to those that pan, tilt, and zoom, Champion has a solution for your CCTV needs.

IP solutions, DVR’s day/night cameras, viewing software and internet capabilities are all available options. Professional IP & Analog Video solutions offered by Champion Fire & Security Systems make full use of the latest technologies in the field of video.

Card Access Systems — Systems to control staff access to areas with simple scheduling and integration options are the hallmarks of a Champion Card Access system.

Card Access Systems have become a popular method of reducing long-term facility operating costs while significantly increasing premises security and internal controls