How often are you asked for a professional opinion?

I have a sprinkler system in downtown Dallas and a recent inspection listed the following deficiencies;

  • Both fire department connection (FDC) caps missing
  • (6) 2 ½” Hose valve caps missing in the stairwell
  • (1) 2 ½” Hose valve handle missing in the stairwell
  • (1) Pipe hanger broken

How would you tag the system?

Well, the answer is obvious but maybe not?   What I’m hearing since the economic collapse;

  • The customer can’t afford the repairs
  • Our competition is going to overlook “Non Critical” deficiencies
  • The building is in downtown Dallas and thieves will continue stealing the brass caps

First of all our job as an inspector is one of applying the standards in force at time of installation, nothing more, nothing less.  We must be unbiased in our assessment but true to our license and profession.  The state of the economy should not be part of the assessment.

In my opinion,  the liabilities associated with these oversights is a gamble no one can afford.  You are an inspector and not an enforcement agency.  The owner can choose to make the repairs or not, the AHJ can choose to enforce the repairs or not, but by placing that Yellow Tag on the riser, discussing deficiencies with the customer and providing a written inspection report  as well as following all other prescribed protocol; you are doing your job the right way.

The simple truth is; education is the path to a more reliable system.

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