Champion Fire & Security’s clients talk about these critical differentiators that set Champion apart from its competition:

Total Protection — Across All Your Life Safety System Assets

Champion Value extends across all of its Clients’ Life Safety Systems — Fire Sprinkler and other Suppression Systems, Fire Alarm, and Security Systems. This allows a Champion Fire & Security Client to minimize the effort and complexity of managing multiple contractors with different schedules and deliverables. Champion Fire & Security Clients enjoy “one stop” solutions across all their life safety needs.

Experience That Counts When it Matters

Champion Fire & Security was founded in 2001. With a senior management team averaging almost 25 years in the industry and a field team with decades of trade experience, the expertise runs deep — and is there when Champion Fire & Security clients need it most. This experience means Champion Fire & Security project plans and estimates are accurate and completion milestones solid. Champion Fire & Security Clients enjoy innovative solutions that can only come from a team with this depth.

Excellent Safety Record

Champion Fire & Security has never received an OSHA citation. Champion Fire & Security conducts ongoing safety training with all field staff and has one of the lowest workers’s compensation modifier (.74) in the industry.

We Deliver on the “Hard Jobs” with Excellence

Champion Fire & Security takes on the hard jobs – from an artistic mosaic ceiling at the Dallas Convention Center, to complex church steeples, to vaulted office-complex ceilings — all Champion Fire & Security jobs are finished with high quality and a focus on excellence. Champion’s Inside Design Team employs the latest design technology and it’s field team is highly trained.

Our Clients Always Come First

Champion Fire & Security works with its clients to create a solution that’s right for them. Whether it is new construction, retrofits to existing facilities, to ongoing maintenance and monitoring services, Champion’s experienced team provides solutions to client problems. With a focus on communication, our Project Managers, Field Supervisors and Senior Management stay in regular contact with our Clients keeping them informed of our progress and provide personal telephone numbers with a commitment to be available at any time.

Efficient Delivery to Meet Our Client’s Budgets

Safety is everything to Champion Fire & Security. We also know our clients have budgets to manage and expenses to watch. Our Total Safety Protection Service delivered by a single-source provider approach allows our clients to consolidate services and vendors while minimizing cost. We employ the latest tools and information technology and the latest methods to ensure our Clients receive great value at the right price.

System Performance Optimization

Your safety system’s performance depends on a number of components that have to work together. Champion Fire & Security takes a holistic view of a client’s life safety systems, and ensures that these systems are working well together over their entire life-cycle. Champion’s value starts with an in-house staff of highly trained and certified professionals that go out of their way to ensure they design, deliver, maintain and monitor efficient and effective life safety solutions.